Over a Century of Bad Chicago Cubs Baseball

Announcing Four New Cubs Suck Club T-Shirt Collections

March 6, 2018


The Cubs Suck Club has been around for over 15 years now… Isn’t that crazy? Over the years we’ve dabbled with some tshirt ideas. We had some Cafepress designs that sucked. We had some other random options that sucked.

And you guys continually ask us for shirts! Creative shirts! Well, the time has come. We are proud to announce the launch of four Cubs Suck Club shirt collections.

  • Cubs Suck v1
  • Cubs Still Suck v1
  • Cubs Still Suck v2
  • Home of the Losers

Let’s take a closer look at each design.

Cubs Suck v1

Our Cubs Suck v1 shirt is our first and favorite collection at the Club. Wear this baby with pride as you cheer on your favorite team (or whoever plays the Cubs).

This shirt has been known to get many comments and often times be the center of attention when you wear it to the ball park. Get your Cubs Suck v1 shirt now before we run out of them.

Cubs Still Suck v1

The “Cubs Still Suck” collection is a unique look that tells the story… Even though the Cubs actually won a World Series recently — THEY STILL SUCK! This is the first version of this awesome collection available in both black and white.

Cubs Still Suck v2

The second piece in the “Cubs Still Suck” collection has the vintage look of an old Boston Red Sox logo. We offer this high quality shirt in four different colors that all make the RED pop. Let those Cub fans know that they STILL suck!

Home of the Losers

Have you ever seen the sign at Wrigley Field that always touts how good the Cubs are? Well, now you can pridefully wear our “Home of the Losers” tshirt that claims they are “THE WORST BASEBALL TEAM EVER”. Enjoy this in four colors: red, blue, gray or white.

Where to Buy Your Cubs Suck Shirt

Even better news is that we’ve officially launched our own Cubs Suck Store that has all of the shirts, L flags, stickers and more for sale.

We plan on offering discounts, sales and new products as the season goes on. So head over to our store and grab your very own Cubs Suck Club shirts.

All we ask — is that you share your pictures of you in the shirt on our Facebook Page. Let’s go viral with the suckiness.

Future Plans for Our Store

For now we just have these four design collections in t-shirts. But in the future we may put these designs on other items.

Hats? Women’s apparel? Mugs? and more… We are also working on new designs to expand out collection each year. Are you a designer? Hit us up with any ideas you have!

Free Shirt Giveaway

Don’t let this deter you from buying a shirt… But we do have a “free shirt” giveaway available. The first drawing is on the 2018 Opening Day for the Cubs.

After that, we will have monthly drawings for a new shirt. You get to choose the style and size. Click here to add your email to the list and you never know — IT MAY BE YOUR LUCKY DAY!

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