Over a Century of Bad Chicago Cubs Baseball

Cardinals Sweep Cubs – Zambrano Embarrassed of 2011 Team

June 6, 2011


As the days go, the pages continue to be  written about how bad the Chicago Cubs organization sucks.  Is Zambrano finally realizing what the rest of the world already knows?  This team is EMBARRASSING to the rest of the world of baseball.  To us it’s humorous.  To fans, owners, players – it’s embarrassing.  Ok first things first!  SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!  The Cardinals took care of business this weekend in St. Louis and swept the Cubs.

Pujols Back to Back Walkoffs

It’s no secret that Albert Pujols has not been himself this year.  But this series against the Cubs he was alive!  Saturday’s game was a hard fought game.  The Chubbies showed a little fight.  Bottom 11 rolls around and Albert Pujols comes to the plate.  BOOOOOOM.  Outta here.  Walkoff homerun.  Cubs lose!

So after this game manager of the Cubs, Quade, or whatever the heck his name is said he wouldn’t let Pujols beat them again.  At least not for 24 hours.  Ha.  Pujols comes up AGAIN in Sundays game.  Nobody on.  Nobody out.  Game tied in the bottom of the 10th.  So timeout here.  I just laid out the situation for you.  What do you do if you are manager?

  1. Make it very very clear to your pitcher to NOT give Pujols anything to hit?
  2. Intentionally walk him because you know you will be roasted if Pujols beats you again?
  3. Groove a fastball and hope for the best?

Ding Ding Ding.  #3 is the winner.  Pujols destroyed a perfect hitters pitch over the fences for his second walkoff in as many days.

Zambrano Embarrassed By 2011 Cubs

So after the game the fiery Carlos Zambrano clearly wasn’t happy with how things turned out for the sorry Cubs. Listen in to how embarrassed he is with this 2011 Cubs team.

Cubs Suck – The End

I’ll leave you with one thing. That’s 6 in a row losses. It’s pretty safe to start saying, “Wait til Next Year.” Cubs Suck and get your brooms out!!!

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