Over a Century of Bad Chicago Cubs Baseball

Cubs Add More Seating to Wrigley Field

December 10, 2012


Good morning Cub haters.  Chicago Side Sports is reporting that the Chicago Cubs are adding 5000 more seats to Wrigley Field.  Not just any seats, these seats will be completely obstructed view seats.  According to Chicago Side Sports, Cub fans had two issues they wanted solved,

“We asked customers what we could do to help them enjoy the Wrigley experience more,” said team chairman Tom Ricketts. “They said they wanted lower prices and they said they couldn’t stand watching the poor quality of baseball they’ve seen played in recent years. So, this solution addresses both their wishes. Not only are these seats inexpensive, there’s no possible way you’ll see any baseball. We guarantee it.”

Current Views From Wrigley Field

Aren’t these seats obstructed enough at Wrigley Field?  Can’t wait to see the view from the new 5000 seats!

More Seats = Good News

Good news Cub fans!  You can now go to the game cheap, drink a lot of beer, and never have to worry about watching a single pitch!  I guess not much is new in reality – but completely obstructed view seats are now an option as well  🙂


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