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Cubs Suck/Cyber Monday – Christmas Day Sale!

December 2, 2019


Happy Cyber Monday!

We get it. At this point, you are tired of the emails, and have probably run completely out of money… But, you can’t forget – the Cubs still SUCK in December, and definitely at Christmas. Need a gag gift for that sweetheart Cub fan that probably annoys you? We have the items for you! Cubs Suck Club presents our wonderful T-Shirt line, along with the FLY THE L flags in either Blue or White…

For Cyber Monday, and we are going to be nice, unlike those big stores that give you a day, from now until Christmas Morning, we are going to offer you the following deals:

Buy any 2 shirts from Cubs Suck Club store, and get a FREE L flag of your choice (blue/white), along with 5 FREE Cubs Suck Club stickers.
– Buy any 2 FLAGS (blue or White) from Cubs Suck Club store, and get a FREE T-Shirt of your choice, along with 5 FREE Cubs Suck stickers.
– ANY purchase of a Cubs Suck Club L Flag or Cubs Suck Club TShirt, and receiver 2 FREE Cubs Suck Club stickers.

If you are looking for a Cubs Suck “L” flag, make sure you stop by here and see the great deals:

If a shirt is what you are looking for, this is the place to go:

Once you have bought your items, and received them head to the Cubs Suck Club Facebook Page and show us how  “Fly the L”.

If you have any questions about your order please email us at webmaster@cubssuckclub.com anytime! Always remember - CUBS SUCK ALWAYS AND FOREVER!
#FlyTheLCubs Suck Club

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