Over a Century of Bad Chicago Cubs Baseball

Do the Chicago Cubs Currently have the Worst Bullpen of All Time?

August 11, 2019


Do the Chicago Cubs have the worst bullpen in all of Major League Baseball? Not just during the 2019 season, but all time? There is a great argument that they do. These guys flat suck. Here are the names on the current roster to pitch out of the bullpen:

Tyler Chatwood – I mean, where do we need to start with this bum? This is a guy that single handedly tanked for the Cubs during the 2018 season. This guy prays to throw strikes. His career ERA of nearly 4.5 says enough.

Derek Holland – HAHAHAHA. When someone tells you this is Theo’s League. Just remember this is the left-handed help out of the bullpen that Theo got for the Cubs. HAHAHAHA.

Dillon Maples – Ask Cub fans about this guy, and they will tell you he is the next Mariano Rivera, but put him next to Mariano Rivera and fans wouldn’t be able to tell you which one was Dillon Maples. Most Cub fans think Dillon Maples is African American.

Alec Mills – this 27 year old has thrown 3 games this season. This dude flat out sucks at throwing baseball’s. Please pitch him in a big spot this year Abner Double Joe.

David Phelps – This is another guy that you can look at and prove that this is certainly NOT Theo’s League. This dude is 32 and still has yet to figure it out in the show.

Kyle Ryan – 52 games this year, and his number’s are not terrible. But Freddie Freeman comes up to the plate with the game on the line, and it’s goodbye baseball.

Pedro Strop — HAHAHAHA. Hat sideways. Turn your dang hat around, dude. He’s back, and worse than ever. He thinks he is a Hall of Famer, and Cub fans are ready to run him out of town.

Duane Underwood Jr – Who?

Rowan Wick — Actually, pretty solid season. But, when your best bullpen pitcher has a name of Rowan Wick, you officially suck.

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