Over a Century of Bad Chicago Cubs Baseball

An open letter to Steve Bartman

February 5, 2008


KFC has offered Steve Bartman, the man who ultimately prevented the Cubs from
entering the World Series in 2003, an invitation to STAY HOME! KFC will supply
Bartman with a Phillips Limited Edition 42″ 3-Pixel-Plus High-Definition LCD TV
and a KFC feast so that he watches ALL Cubs post season games from the comfort
of his own living room and gives the Cubs a chance to win the world series
after 99 years.

Below please find the letter that KFC sent to Bartman. Please let me know if
you need any other information.

October 5, 2007

An open letter to Steve Bartman:

As you know, the chatter about black cats, billy goats and curses has returned
to the Windy City.

But like you (knock on wood) we don’t believe in hexes. And we don’t play
the blame game. In fact, we’d rather lick fingers than point them.

But just to be safe, on behalf of die-hard Cub fans everywhere, we’d like to
make you an offer we hope is too good to refuse.

If you promise to watch your beloved team from the comfort of your own couch,
KFC will provide you with the “Ultimate Stay At Home Party Pack.” It’ll
include a feast of the Colonel’s World Famous Chicken plus all the side
items, and your very own Limited Edition 42″ 3-Pixel-Plus High-Definition LCD

Take us up on this offer and maybe the 07 playoffs will be remembered for a
feast of fowl at your home, rather than a foul ball at Wrigley Field.

After going 99 years without a World Series title, we think this KFC offer
could potentially be Cubdom’s secret recipe for success. We look forward to
hearing from you. Enjoy the playoffs and here’s hoping for some good luck in


Gregg Dedrick
President, KFC Corporation

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