Over a Century of Bad Chicago Cubs Baseball

Who is Ready for FLY THE L Baseball!?

July 7, 2020


Ah! The sounds of summer! The crack of the bat, the obnoxious sounds of Cub fans, and singing Hey Chicago, what do ya say, let’s Fly the L today!

The losers of summer are back in the North side of Chicago, and the 2020 schedule has been released. Of course, Cub fans are talking about atleast 55-5 this season. Realistically, this team still sucks, and they are all getting old, and past their prime. The Cubs will be lucky to win 25 games this season.

Here are the dates and the teams we are rooting for this summer:

July 24-26: vs. Milwaukee

July 27-30: at Cincinnati

July 31-Aug. 2: vs. Pittsburgh

Aug. 3-4: vs. Kansas City

Aug. 5-6: at Kansas City

Aug. 7-9: at St. Louis

Aug. 11-12: at Cleveland

Aug. 13-16: vs. Milwaukee

Aug. 17-19: vs. St. Louis

Aug. 21-23: vs. White Sox

Aug. 24-26: at Detroit

Aug. 28-30: at Cincinnati

Sept.1-3: at Pittsburgh

Sept. 4-7: vs. St. Louis

Sept. 8-10: vs. Cincinnati

Sept. 11-13: at Milwaukee

Sept. 15-16: vs. Cleveland

Sept. 18-20: vs. Minnesota

Sept. 21-24: at Pittsburgh

Sept. 25-27: at White Sox

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